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Edgewater Services is a full time lawn care company servicing Spokane,WA and surrounding areas. We can help you keep your lawn looking fantastic! Maybe it needs a little boost to get it green again, we can help with that too! Maybe you just need a fresh new look in your yard. We can do any size of job. We are flexible with your needs, either one time or all season long!

We also specialize in sprinklers. If you have dry spots in your yard and don’t know what to do, we fix it! If your yard is flooding because of your sprinklers, we fix that too! We can set your timers and clocks. We also turn on sprinklers in the spring and blow them out in the fall. We are prompt with our service. Some days, we can offer same day service.

We also specialize in fencing and decks because we know that your deck and fence is just an extension of your lawn. We have a full time staff that specializes in all types and styles of fences and decks. We can help you plan and think outside the box if you need. We can also use your plans to do just exactly what you were hoping for. Please call us today and book an appt for a free no obligation meeting.

Our rates start as low as $25.00. Call us for a FREE estimate for any of your lawn care needs!

What We Do:   Weekly, bi-weekly and One Time Mowing , Aeration & De-Thatching (Power Raking), Fertilizing, Sprinkler Repairs, Sprinkler Turn on, Sprinkler clock setting, Spring & Fall Clean-Up, Sod installation, Pruning-Ornamental & Fruit trees, Shaping hedges and shrubs, Roof & Gutter Clean-Ups, Debris hauling, Landscaping, Retainer Walls, Sprinkler System Installation, Decks, Fences and Arbors.

We Service: Spokane, Spokane Valley, Chatteroy, Mead, Colbert, 9-Mile, South Hill, Liberty Lake, and more. Call us today!